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The Zia Lifestyle

I’ve always been fascinated by New Mexico’s distinctive Zia Sun Symbol, a red circle with groups of rays pointing in four directions.  Once I discovered the meaning from the Zia Indians, I really connected with the symbol and the philosophy it represents.

The Zia Sun Symbol originated with the Indians of Zia Pueblo in ancient times.  It was adopted by New Mexico and now appears on the state flag and in artwork, names and signage throughout the state.

The red circle with groups of rays pointing in four directions reflects the Zia Indians’ tribal philosophy teaching the basic harmony of all things in the universe.  Four, the sacred number of Zia, is represented in the four points radiating from the circle.  Each of these points, made up of four straight lines of varying length, personify the number most often used by the Giver of all good gifts.

The sacred number Four is embodied in:

  • The Earth, with its four directions, north, south, east and west;
  • The Year, with its four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter;
  • The Day, with the sunrise, noon, evening and night; and
  • Life, with its four divisions – childhood, youth, womanhood* and old age.


Everything is bound together in a circle of life and love, without beginning, without end.  The Zia believe that in this great sisterhood of all things, woman has four sacred obligations: she must develop a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit and a devotion to the welfare of her people.

** I take liberties in using the feminine gender as I personalize the symbol for me.

Creative Transitions




The shift happened when I painted my toenails blue. It happened with the housemate candidate who had a fresh mani/pedi in the most beautiful color of blue. Nails just the right length, squared, velvety, pillowey blue. I coveted.

Within two days I had blue toenails. I dared to make the shift. Not the kind of daring it would take for me to ride a zip line. The kind that involves the moving of a deep fault line. So deep the difference isn’t felt right away. Yet every day when I see my toes, I know. I’m different in a deep fundamental way.

So I laughed when a housemate moved in and out within hours. The stress just wasn’t there. I laughed at the humanness of all of us. Could see myself making abrupt course shifts without having to go through the tears she exhibited. Could see myself making these shifts with the tears when I move in a direction that appeared scary to me.

I had a party that celebrated another shift. I retired from the world of gotsta work. Eliminated the shouldas to leave room for creating income doing what I love in a way I enjoy it. Celebrated my progression to truly being my own boss. Still processing that shift. And, that’s okay with me. I’m giving myself time to discover and explore.

This shift in thought is a little like the one I made when I completed my MBA program. I promised myself then that I was never going through another degreed program unless I really wanted what was behind that degree door. It wasn’t a promise to stop learning or even one to stop going to classes. It was freeing and when I decided I wanted to become a hypnotherapist. I was free to take that program.

The basics of who I am and what I want in my life remain the same they were when I was little. Travel, exploring, adventuring and meeting people all over the world. I like talking to people and discovering who they are and what they are about. I enjoy listening to their stories. I love travel. I get a zing when the plane takes off or the car heads out of town that is like no other in my life. Maybe that’s the reward I get for the work I do and maybe it becomes a part of my work. I’m willing to let that develop.

So I’ve shifted. I’m the same and I’m different. I’m okay with all of that.